Understand higher temperatures thanks to BeautyMix treatments!

May is a transition month where we go from mild temperatures to warmer temperatures. With these few variations, our skin can have trouble keeping pace and we have to adapt our skincare habits.

In a precedent article, we shared our spring beauty routine with you. Today, and in addition to this, we bring you new care tips to better manage these temperature variations. For most of us, warmer days mean more than sweating. It is around this subject and this problem that I am going to suggest that you create your routine today. And if we renamed this one: "the anti-perspiration routine!". We are all concerned ! So let's go ;)

Why do we sweat?

Perspiration, also called sweating, is the evacuation of sweat. This is evacuated through the pores of our skin. Its primary role is to participate in our thermorégulation , thus making it possible to decrease our body temperature. The purpose of this phenomenon is therefore to prevent our body from overheating, for example during high temperatures and / or sports activities. We can also speak of sweating of emotional origin, when it is caused by stress.

Perspiration is made up of liquid or 99% water. It is also made up of minerals, antibodies, wastes and lactic acid. Its ph is acidic and is between 4 and 6.

To give you an idea, we have over two million sweat glands on the surface of our body, these participate in the production of sweat. It's the excretory duct of this gland which opens into our pores.

You will understand, sweating is therefore a natural phenomenon and inevitable for the proper functioning of our body. Excessive, however, it can become annoying for us and the others ... That's why, we give you some tips to better apprehend it! 

Odoo - Sample n ° 1 for three columns

Step 1:

Deodorant :

It is the essential of this routine! Our deodorant contains natural ingredients, allowing to absorb effectively the sweat, to fight against the bacteria responsible for the body odor and to mask them .

This deodorant balm recipe can be poured into a stick, turned out into a solid deodorant bar, or rubbed by hand under the armpits. We offer it fragrance-free, but you can add your scent favorite!

It is perfectly suited for all skin types and is also suitable for strong physical activities.

So you can spend your days this spring / summer without worrying about unpleasant surprises!

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Step 2:

Mattifying cream

For the comfort of your face, opt for a light cream and add a mattifying active. This active is the key to limiting the unwanted shine, which sticks out the tip of their nose during the day. Because it is a problem that we encounter repeatedly during hot weather: the skin shines and this sensation can be unpleasant. 

Our cream recipe contains only natural ingredients. By its fluid and light texture, you will not have the impression of having too much substance on the face. In addition, the mattifying active ingredient allows the absorption of secretions emitted by the skin (sweat and sebum).

This cream is therefore essential to have a comfortable feeling on the face!

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Step 3:

Flower hydrosol :

To bring a touch of freshness to your face or your body, we strongly advise you to apply a flower hydrosol of your choice.

Used as a scent for our receipts, you can also apply it alone by spraying or lightly soak a cotton ball and pat it on your face. You can perform this gesture at any time of the day. 

We recommend therose hydrosol with the delicate smell or the one with the pepper mint for an immediate feeling of freshness! 

To learn more about our hydrosols, we invite you to read our article blog entirely dedicated to these!

And you, what are your favorite recipes for your routine this spring?

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