The BeautyMix: the best ally of home cosmetics & our current routine!

Getting back to the basics with ease is the value that BeautyMix advocates. As you know, the most important thing for us is to share our love for home cosmetics with you . We expressed this love by developing a robot that allows you to manufacture all your cosmetic and hygiene products without complications, in a short time and with the minimum of ingredients ...

And since doing it yourself has returned to the practices of both adults and children, we like to simplify your life by sharing receipts accessible to all!

At this moment and more than ever in view of current events, why not get started or (re) stock up on natural and homemade cosmetics? Most of us are going to have a little more time ahead of us and are going to want to find activities for ourselves and our children. You will find that there is nothing easier than getting started with BeautyMix.

In this article, we show you a comparison between traditional home cosmetics and the one that simplifies your life with BeautyMix. We also give you all the keys to making products to prevent the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria .

So let's go for a course in home cosmetics!

VS "traditional" home cosmetics with BeautyMix

We are at a time when the Do It Yourself is developing more and more, in the desire to know what our products are made of and in a desire to change our consumption habits. Home cosmetics are part of DIY.

For those who have been fans of home cosmetics for a while, you know that this requires a lot of accessories, and also a lot of time. Recommended accessories are a water bath, thermometer, whisk, bowls, test tubes ... It is not always easy to manage the number of supplies you need. In addition, managing and controlling the temperature of your emulsions, obtaining the desired textures, managing aqueous and oily mixtures ... This is not always an easy task. This is why some, by launching into home cosmetics, restrict themselves in the face of these complexities.

Our wish is to remove all these obstacles, and make home cosmetics accessible to everyone!

BeautyMix is an alternative that saves time and reduces complexity! This robot allows you to easily and quickly concoct your own cosmetics at home with receipts accessible and natural ingredients in no time. A much simpler practice for everyone, parents and children alike.

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BeautyMix: the user manual!

The robot consists of two parts: the body and the detachable bowl .

The robot body includes the motor, a heating system, a central button to start and stop programs and the power cord.

Depending on the recipes you want to make, the operating mode will always be the same: follow the recipe step by step and incorporate all the ingredients in the tank without distinguishing the aqueous phase from the oily one . Yes yes, you heard that right. Weigh the ingredients one by one in the detachable tank using the precision scale then put the tank back on the body of the robot and start your mixture.

Thanks to the motor, the robot heats and mixes according to three programs: the first program is cleaning . Because yes, the robot's bowl cleans itself (or goes in the dishwasher). Goodbye to the washing-up time that we find in classic home cosmetics. For automatic cleaning, all you need to do is pour water and washing-up liquid into the tub and start the first program.

The second program is the cold one which allows you to temper and cool your preparations while continuing to mix them using the mixer.

The third program allows you to start the hot preparations and start the mixer to emulsify your preparations. Our robot is accompanied by its precision balance which will allow you to weigh very small quantities. So, convinced?


The opinions of our BeautyMix customers

Our greatest reward? Receive enthusiastic feedback from our customers! Their opinion on the BeautyMix robot is very positive, since 95% of our customers say that they would recommend BeautyMix to their friends!

For beginners in home cosmetics, BeautyMix removes all risks: all recipes are validated by experts and tested in the laboratory. Something to reassure the most worried! 80% of our beginner customers say they have taken the plunge thanks to BeautyMix!

For fans of home cosmetics, BeautyMix facilitates preparation, and is a big time saver. Thus, 70% of our customers with experience in home cosmetics say they practice more, now that they have their BeautyMix. And that makes us very happy :-)

And you, have these BeautyMix reviews convinced you?

Get started with our momen t anti-virus routine!

Recently, we have released three recipes suitable for current events and to meet your needs.

Recipe number 1 : The washing gel. With the BeautyMix and only a few key ingredients to perfectly clean your hands, you get your washing gel. Personalize it according to your desires by choosing the scent of your choice.

Recipe number 2 : The solution hydroalcoolique. By following the ingredients and recommendations of theWHO, create your own disinfectant gel to supplement the action of the soap and eliminate all viruses and bacteria. If ever you were also in shortage of hydroalcoholic solution, the recipe is correct here.

Recipe number 3 : The Hand cream. And yes, with all this the skin on our hands becomes dry and damaged. Make sure to moisturize them with a moisturizer prepared in just a few minutes with our robot .

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Do you want to know more about BeautyMix recipes and routines? Visit our article about our winter routine !

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