Make your own candle!

A natural, vegetal and scented candle.

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We all have at least one candle in our home. It is a product that we adore for its sometimes elaborate design , its fresh or delicious smell, its light flame which warms the atmosphere of a room ... Thousands of candles from different brands exist. They are more or less accessible in terms of their price depending on them. But above all, their compositions differ from one brand to another.

How do I know if my candle is made with ingredients that are good for us and for the planet ? What are the different possible waxes, wicks and fragrances?

In this article, you will understand, we are going to talk about candles! So let's go.

How are candles traditionally made?

There are three different ways to create a candle:

  • By molding : this technique is mainly used when you want to give an original shape to your candle . The wax is poured into a specific mold and then removed from the mold when it is hard enough.

  • By soaking : the purpose of this method is to immerse part of the wick in a vat of liquid wax. It is by cooling that the wax will envelop the wick and thus create a first layer around it. This step is repeated several times until several layers of wax are obtained. From this technique we can make candles.

  • By filling : this technique is simple and consists of creating candles in a specific container

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The different types of wax

There are also three types of wax: 

  • Of animal origin: this is mainly the beeswax. Easily recognizable, it is yellow or white. It does not contain any chemicals and is therefore very healthy.

  • Of plant origin: it is a natural wax more and more used. The most common are soy wax or from palm. Some, less known, are also very good natural waxes. We can for example cite coconut or cotton wax.

  • Of mineral origin: they are derived from petroleum derivatives. The best known and the most used by manufacturers is the paraffin. It is inexpensive, very accessible and easy to work with. However, it can be more harmful to our lungs and is less environmentally friendly.

Which fragrances to choose?

The scents offer a unique personality to each candle. You can find more or less healthy and processed perfumes depending on the brand ...

The best is to privilege fragrance oils or some essential oils which will be added to the wax.

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What if you made your own candle?

In this case, you will no longer have any questions to ask yourself about the composition of it: you will no longer have to wonder if the wax is of quality or if the perfumes are healthy.

With BeautyMix, you can now make the candle you want, healthy and natural, to personalize according to your desires and tastes!

Our kit is composed of: 

  • A sachet of soy wax : this wax is produced without GMOs, pesticides or herbicides, and originates in Europe. It is 100% vegetable, biodegradable and vegan.

  • Two TCR wicks for candles coated with vegetable wax: these wicks are designed for the realization of your cast candles. They are coated with a mixture of natural wax based on soy wax.

  • Two empty glass candle jars with bamboo lid: a nice design, simple and clean.

  • Two essential oils of lavandin and juniper cade: both are from the brand Bel Air and from organic farming.

Once you have enjoyed making your own candles, you will discover that it is possible to have a beautiful, personalized and healthy candle for your home at a lower cost. 

So, are you going?

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