Make your hydroalcoholic solution!

Allergies, colds and other illnesses make us sneeze, cough, blow our nose ... And in recent weeks, the topical subject that touches us the most: Coronavirus.

In order to limit the spread of our microbes, bacteria and other viruses, certain actions called "barriers" can help us. These gestures, what are they? How can they limit the spread of disease? And how can homemade cosmetics help in the production of disinfectant products?

We tell you all about it in our new blog post!

Simple actions ... Focus on hydroalcoholic solutions!

At a time when several epidemics are spreading, in particular the Coronavirus, hydroalcoholic solutions are in short supply.

But what makes a gel effective? How to choose it?

The use of these is not enough, however! It is strongly recommended to wash your hands in clear, soapy water because nothing replaces a good "classic" hand washing. This eliminates the majority of microorganisms . You can make your own soap with the recipe that we have developed.

In the absence of soap and water, the use of a hydroalcoholic solution is recommended in particular in collective environments such as transport, public places ...

But it was certain that following current information, additional solutions would be taken by storm. The consequence was that some retailers in supermarkets or drugstores increased their prices and the shelves were emptied very quickly. Know that the DGCCRF set the prices for 50ml bottles at 2 euros, 100ml at 3 € and 300ml at 5 €. So don't be fooled! What's more, making your hydroalcoholic gels will cost you even less!

To overcome the problems mentioned above, the government has therefore implemented a solution and has chosen to intervene by announcing the official recipe for hydroalcoholic gel.

Is it really possible to make it yourself? Well, yeah !

To be sure you have an antimicrobial solution that works, trust the ANSM recommendations, detailing the essential points.

Also note that ideally you should choose a solution based onethyl alcohol Where isopropyl whose concentration is 90% alcohol. Making your own hydroalcoholic gel also ensures that you avoid an ingredient known as "triclosan"still too present in antibacterial gels which turns out to be a strong endocrine disruptor.

Make your hydroalcoholic solution

THE'WHO indicated the list of ingredients for the good realization of your hydroalcoholic solutions! Thanks to the BeautyMix, you will be able to make your own without pitfalls and difficulties with a official recipe, recommended by experts.

Of course, it's economical and well below the prices currently charged in pharmacies and supermarkets.

The three main ingredients are:

  • Ethanol (alcohol) at 90 °

  • 3% hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide)

  • Glycerine

  • Distilled water (or cooled boiling water)

All of these ingredients are easily found! Check the concentration of the products you have purchased, and in particular hydrogen peroxide: its concentration should not exceed 3%.

Warning ! We read everywhere that certain essential oils have bactericidal and fungicidal properties . These have by no means proved their worth in the fight against epidemics.

As part of the preparation of your recipe, be sure to respect the necessary hygienic conditions and follow the indicated quantities. In addition, the WHO advises to place your vials filled with the solution in quarantine for 72 hours . This measure destroys any bacterial spores that may be present in alcohol or in your vials. 

Let's talk about bottles elsewhere! Pour your preparation into our pump bottles reusable glass. Thus, by preparing these yourself, you reduce your ecological impact because we know that most of the hydroalcoholic solutions that we buy are stored in plastic containers.

Our advice for use :
Use your hydroalcoholic solution on non-soiled hands, respecting a friction time of at least thirty seconds. No part should be overlooked. So be sure to apply the product on the back and palms of the hands, the thumbs, the spaces between the fingers ...

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But also...

The key actions to adopt during this period have been validated by official sites and the government!

  • Monitor your temperature and the appearance of symptoms

  • Be sure to cough and sneeze into your elbow 

  • Avoid physical contact as much as possible

  • Use disposable tissues and be sure to throw them in a trash can

We hope each of you is doing well!

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