Le layering capillaire

You now know the layering, this Japanese custom which involves the superposition of layers in order to take care of yourself and more especially of your face. Today the BeautyMix team reveals the secrets of hair layering!

As before, hair layering involves the superposition of layers to give you the most beautiful hair!

The ritual breaks down into several stages:

- The oil bath (to be done once a week)
- The shampoo
- Detangling care
- Care
- Styling


# 1: The oil bath (to be done once a week)

The oil bath is the hair mask that will nourish your hair from the inside unlike the silicones found in industry which only nourishes the hair from the outside.

This involves carrying out an oil bath for half an hour (or you can also keep it overnight) before shampooing.
It is essential to choose a natural and organic oil that corresponds to your hair problems (we will not re-grease a hair that is already well nourished at the root). Apply the oil or your mixture of oils little by little on your lengths.
Once the application is complete, cover your hair with a hot towel.

You can use different oils, namely: coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, olive oil… and so on !!


# 2: shampoo

Once your treatment is done, it is necessary to carry out a double shampoo in order to remove the entire oil bath.

When you are not doing an oil bath, one shampoo is enough.
I'm not going to dwell on this, everyone can see what I'm talking about! 


# 3: the detangling treatment

As it is aptly named, this treatment will help you fight against knots in your hair and facilitate styling. We take it in small quantities, the goal is not to redo a treatment! Find the recipe for our treatment based on natural ingredients, and in particular linseed gel, here. Once the exposure time has been achieved, rinse thoroughly!


# 4: care

To give a final touch of shine to your hair, we put on a very little care that makes the difference! This is a few drops of dry oil like our nuts oil to be deposited on slightly damp hair just before drying.


# 5: styling

When it comes to styling, just one little tip: the ideal would be to let your hair air dry. The natural is the most beautiful of beauties!


And you, what's your secret to top-notch hair?

Do not hesitate to give us your feedback!

See you soon.


La team BeautyMix

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