How to make your cream adapted to your needs? All the secrets of our assets ...

Many factors have a direct impact on our skin: our environment, our age, our sex and our genetics ... So many causes that condition and put our skin to the test! 

If at the base, we all have a defined skin type, on the other hand our skin condition varies over time. To meet its needs, BeautyMix offers you unstoppable active ingredients to personalize your creams according to your expectations and your needs.

So let's go, a little history on the different skin types and the solutions we offer!

Skin types and skin conditions ...

There are four types of skin : normal, dry, oily, and combination.

Dry skin is lacking in lipids, that is to say in lack of fat . In this case, the protective film of the skin, also called the "hydrolipidic film", does not produce enough sebum . You can recognize dry skin by the feeling of tightness and roughness to the touch. To counter this problem, the skin must be nourished, for example, with a butter or a oil.

Oily skin is skin whose sebaceous glands produce too much of a fatty substance called "sebum". People with oily skin often complain of shiny, shiny, oily-looking skin. To best treat this problem, it is advisable to use mattifying or absorbent products.

Regarding combination skin, it shows an imbalance and is characterized by an oily T zone (made up of the chin, nose and forehead) and a rather dry peripheral zone (made up of the cheeks and temples). For this type of skin, the use of products adapted to each area is recommended. For example, you can apply the green clay mask on the T zone and the one at thepink clay on the rest of the face.

Normal skin is, after all, skin that has none of these problems and therefore has a perfect balance . However, you can imagine this type of skin is very rare ...

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Each skin type is associated with one or more skin conditions . The latter depends on criteria which can be internal (such as stress, diet, etc.), but also external (such as pollution, weather, etc.)

Among these skin conditions, we find in particular mature or senescent, sensitive, dehydrated, dull, acne-prone skin, etc. Mature skin is skin with visible wrinkles. In this case, a moisturizing and / or anti-aging active ingredient is recommended. 

Sensitive skin is very reactive and is often accompanied by tightness, inflammation and redness . Thus, it is necessary to administer soothing and gentle products to them.

Dehydrated skin, as the name suggests, needs hydration and lacks water considerably. They are characterized by small fine lines and streaks of dehydration as well as scales (dead skin). In most cases, the skin is dull.

Dull skin lacks radiance. For this, you can perform peels or exfoliation allowing cell renewal. the apricot kernel powder scrub of BeautyMix is perfect for this kind of problem.

Finally, acne-prone skin is skin with a specific type of pimple. There are two types of acne: polymorphic juvenile and D'adult. In both cases, consultation with a dermatologist is recommended.

Which assets to meet your needs?

Very valuable, active ingredients are added in small quantities to your products to provide them with the characteristic that meets your skin's needs.

On our Online Store, we have three that meet the most frequent needs of our customers!

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The first is thegel de lin : it is perfect for dehydrated skin because it is an essential ingredient known and recognized for its moisturizing properties. Perfect substitute for aloe vera, it can be used alone or in addition to other ingredients. It has a tightening and firming your skin while moisturizing. It can therefore be used in the context of sensitive and mature skin. Used as an active ingredient in a cream recipe, flax gel can represent 5%. You can also apply this product alone, under your cream.

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The second asset that we offer you ismattifying active. To add to your cream, it will help oily skin to regulate excess sebum and control the appearance of pimples. Our active ingredient, composed of glycerin and Backhousia Citriodora leaf extract . The latter is extracted from endemic Australian plants and is known for its astringent and skin maintenance properties. It is said to be a sebum regulator and neutralizes shine throughout the day. For your cream recipe, you can add it up to 2%.

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The last asset we have is theanti-aging active. This active ingredient is a global anti-aging solution, 100% natural and certified organic by Ecocert. Its purpose is to preserve cellular integrity and protect your skin from skin aging . Ours is cherry extract , known for its moisturizing, anti-aging, and elasticity properties in your skin. It is a powerful stimulator to the process of mitochondria. The mitochondria playing a major role in skin aging. For your cream recipe, you can add it up to 2%.

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