Do-it-yourself products for a successful Halloween night!

The end of October rhymes with a particular holiday. And yes, this is Halloween ! Perhaps you are followers of it and have always enjoyed celebrating this event by creating an appropriate atmosphere: candles, spooky decorations, disguises and make -up ... Maybe you also like to go around the neighboring houses to claim a few " candy "or a few" spells ". For our part, we like this event: it is for us the opportunity to make our own makeup . And we are spoiled for choice: ghost, witch, pumpkin ... What makeup are we going to create this year?

In this new article, we want you to discover how to create your own body and face products, as well as a complete routine to do before applying the products and after. Let's go !

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How to prepare your skin?

Before applying anything to your skin, we advise you to prepare it well. Yes, but how ?

All evening long, your skin will put up with make-up, which is certainly healthy, but which it is not necessarily used to. It is therefore essential to protect it well.

For this we recommend that you first of all prepare some products.

  • Prepare and use a light scrub to gently exfoliate your skin. By this mechanical action, you will remove all the dead skin which resides on the surface of your face and your body, thus allowing a better hold of your makeup for the evening. To make our recipe for apricot kernel scrub, it's just here.

  • Make and then apply a green clay mask. This complements the action of the scrub and will soothe your skin . Thus, it will be luminous and without impurities . Finally, you don't even have to rinse it if this year's theme is Frankenstein! Our recipe is right to be.

  • Finally, apply your moisturizer done in just a few minutes with your BeautyMix, to moisturize and protect your skin before applying your makeup!

Prepare your Halloween makeup yourself!

First, define the makeup you want in order to choose the right pigments. Once the pigments have been chosen, you can start making your makeup. For that, you will need:

Does this recipe ring a bell? This is normal because it is our recipe for lip balm ! It is ideal for this kind of use: tested and validated!

Just like the lip balm, when your preparation is ready, you just have to pour its contents into a stick and bamboo or in a small pot. You will be able to work your make-up directly on the stick or with a brush ! Easy, right?

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How to cleanse your skin?

After this evening, you should be able to easily remove and cleanse your skin before going to bed. We therefore recommend a few products that are easy to manufacture with your BeautyMix.

Remove make-up from your face with your multi-purpose balm so that nothing remains on your skin. It is ideal for removing all makeup residue thanks to its thick and oily texture! Apply a small amount in your hand then work in a circular motion all over your face. Then rinse it with clean water. To make it, we slip you the right recipe here !

To leave your skin feeling fresh, we recommend that you then spray your micellar water to leave your skin soft and clear .

Finally and if ever a few traces of makeup have slipped into your hair, we recommend that you shampoo your hair with our great recipe !


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