DIY summer week: protect yourself and refresh yourself!

For this second step of the Do It Yourself summer week, I give you all the necessary information you need to enjoy summer, yes, but while being vigilant to your well-being. 

You will learn more about the harmful effects of the sun and the value of protecting yourself from it. But do you know why? What are its actions and how does it damage our skin and our health? Also, exposure raises our body temperature. This is why I am going to tell you THE essential product to refresh you throughout the day!

DIY Week isn't just about simple routines, it's also about providing you with prevention information. So, let's go for this second step!

All about the sun ...

Throughout the year, whatever the season, our skin is subjected to UV, visible and infrared radiation generated by the sun. These radiations penetrate at different scales into the skin. In other words, certain "components" of our skin vary this degree of penetration. In addition, our skin has optical properties. That is, it is capable of reflection and absorption.

Our body has a complex system called "sun capital".

These are natural defenses that we have to protect our skin from the harmful effects of the sun. It is unique and is part of our genetic heritage, varying from one individual to another. So we are not all equal in the face of the sun! With each exposure, this "sun capital" decreases and this throughout our life ...

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The sun therefore has several effects on our skin. Some are immediate, others visible in the long term.

The immediate effects are as follows:

  • Synthesis of vitamin D : UVB rays are responsible for this. On contact with the skin, UVB rays cause a reaction that degrades a molecule present in the skin. This is provitamin D3, which it converts into previtamin D3 and then into vitamin D3. We call it photolysis. This vitamin D3 will then travel through the blood and be transported to the liver and kidneys where it will be transformed into vitamin D. Its role is bone growth and the fixation of calcium on the bones.

  • Caloric action: it is the infrared which are responsible. This triggers the production of heat, raising our body temperature and thus sweating.

  • Immediate pigmentation : due to UVA rays. The skin turns dark within minutes of exposure, resulting in an immediate light tan. This tan disappears in a few hours. 

The delayed effects are:

  • Sunstrokes : caused by UVB rays, cause an inflammatory reaction whose intensity, duration and time of onset vary from person to person.

  • Thickening of the epidermis : sun exposure causes the thickening of this first layer of the skin offering better protection against UV rays. Our skin goes into "self-defense" mode!

  • Tanning : The tan we like to have at the end of our vacation is actually a natural defense mechanism for the skin. This process corresponds to the increase of the melanin pigment, responsible for the color of the skin. When exposed to the sun, UVB rays will stimulate the melanocytes (molecules synthesizing pigments), thus greatly increasing their synthesis and therefore tanning.

The long term effects are:

  • Skin aging : caused by UVA rays, they cause pigmentation spots, wrinkles and other skin sagging on areas of the body that have been exposed.

  • Skin cancers : sun exposure is the main factor in skin cancer ...

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Our advices !

  • Use a suitable high index sunscreen, preferably organic and environmentally friendly. Apply generously and regularly.

  • Avoid exposures at times when the sun generates the most radiation (between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.).

  • Promote shade.

  • Use accessories: caps, sunglasses ...

  • Against the heat and to avoid hot strokes: hydrate yourself!

  • Use a spray mist for a cooling effect all over your face and neck.

For this last tip, we have a suitable product! This is our flower hydrosol. You can go for the one you prefer! On our store, we offer rose, peppermint, orange blossom or witch hazel hydrosols ... For an instant and above all very pleasant fresh effect!

If you missed step one of prepping your skin, it's fair here.

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