DIY summer week: prepare your skin!

3, 2, 1 ... We are officially launching our DIY summer week!

We have set up this week in order to deliver step by step all the care to be carried out before, during and after your exposure to the sun. Thanks to the recommended recipes, you will be able to spend a serene summer being certain to prepare and protect your skin as it should, that it is sublimated while remaining in good health :)

For this first article of this wonderful week, we have created the ideal routine for you to prepare your skin for exposure.
This first routine has two goals: to prepare your skin and to fight against the dryness caused by the sun. So let's go ! Here are our three favorite products, simple recipes that are easy to make and enjoyable to apply.

Odoo - Sample n ° 1 for three columns

Step one: the scrub

Operation: luminous skin !

The recipe for our scrub is composed of only seven ingredients, which make it gentle, effective, simple and healthy for the skin thanks to the apricot kernel powder greedy.

This recipe is suitable for all skin types and strongly recommended for combination to oily skin.

To get started in its realization, it's just here !

Step two: face cream

Operation: intense hydration !

This recipe is also made up of seven ingredients giving this cream all the benefits your skin needs. It is thanks to the key ingredients that are the gel de lin and at the glycerine, that your cream will provide you with the ideal hydration.

This recipe is suitable for all types of skin, especially dehydrated.

To achieve it, it is here !

Odoo- Sample n ° 3 for three columns

Step three: body milk

Operation: anti-drying out !

Our body milk recipe, also made up of seven ingredients, has all the ingredients your skin needs. Personalize it with the scent of your choice: rose, orange blossom, peppermint ... What will you indulge in?

This milk is suitable for all skin types, especially skin lacking water!

The recipe is right to be !

What do these products prevent and why are they useful?

the scrub exfoliates the skin with the seeds of apricot kernels. This exfoliation will make it possible to eliminate the cells and dead skin present on the surface of the skin. This will therefore be smoothed, refined and renewed. As a result, tanning is facilitated and this will allow better efficiency and penetration of the care products applied subsequently. We advise you to carry out this exfoliation a few days before the exposure and to maintain the rhythm by renewing the operation once a week.

Face cream and body milk are essential in this routine. They will help hydrate your skin. Indeed, one of the unwanted effects of the sun is the drying out that it causes. This is why we strongly recommend that you use these moisturizers as prevention . You can apply the face cream in the morning in addition to a sunscreen or a serum, under your makeup (if you are wearing it). Body milk, on the other hand, can be applied morning and evening and you can also reapply it during the day! 

You now have all the keys in hand to prepare your skin as it should!

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