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With our pirgments: Carmine and Iron Oxide

It's been a few months since we released our very first makeup recipe : lipstick. At the time of the announcement of this new homemade cosmetics recipe, we had written a article explaining the advantages of making your own lipsticks , compared to those that can be found on the market. We also told you the few ingredients needed to make it. Today I would like to highlight the two pigments that we offer in our recipes and our choice to move towards these. It's about Cochineal Carmine and from the'Iron oxide.

If you haven't read our previous article, I invite you to take a look. here.

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the cochineal carmine

Carmine, also called cochineal red, E120, carmine red or carminic acid, is a natural red dye.

This is obtained by grinding the dried body of an insect called Dactylopius Coccus, also known as Cochineal. This small insect is known to feed on the sap of plants and to live on cacti found mainly in Latin America, more precisely in Peru. These funds hold the place of first producer on a world scale. The dye therefore owes its name to thecarminic acid found in the body of this insect. It acts as a natural pesticide and helps protect the Cochineal from its potential predators.

In Antiquity, Carmine was used to color textiles. Today, we mainly use it as a natural food and cosmetic colorant. We find it in particular in yogurts, pastries and jams. But also in medicines and cosmetic products such as lipsticks and varnishes...

We particularly like it for its intensity and purity .

L'Iron oxide

Iron oxide also called ferric oxide is a red colored mineral dye .

Iron oxides are found abundantly in nature, in particular in rocks or in soils. Synthetic iron oxides are frequently used as pigments as well as for their magnetic properties.

They can give a series of yellow or red pigments. These are first found in solid form and are easily used in oil painting, ceramics, for fine arts...

We find it in powder form once the iron oxide has been sieved, filtered, dried and finally ground. In this case, it is widely used in cosmetics to color products such as eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, lip pencils...

We appreciate it for its quality, its hold and coloring power .

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