What recipes to make with cocoa butter?

Cocoa lovers: welcome! If you use cocoa butter in some of your homemade cosmetics recipes, have you ever wondered what its particularities, benefits and role are?

With the arrival of Easter, a very chocolatey period, we wanted to highlight our favorite ingredient: cocoa butter. And for that, we created the box allowing you to create three homemade recipes with this ingredient. We present it to you?


Cocoa butter: we tell you all about it!

If you like to use this ingredient, you will not be disappointed to know its various properties, because they are multiple!

The main benefits of cocoa butter are as follows: it is an excellent emollient, it is moisturizing, nourishing but also soothing, repairing and protective. Yes, just that!

It helps the skin to stay soft and it brings suppleness to the hair.

This is why it is widely used in homemade cosmetics recipes such as creams (face, for hands...), body care, lotions or even hair care products, lipsticks and lip balms...

But where does this super ingredient come from? It is produced by a plot of certified organic shea trees. The cocoa beans are then harvested and cleaned to remove, then pressed. Finally, the filtration of the raw cocoa butter makes it possible to obtain our super organic cocoa butter.

You can find this ingredient in our online store, just here.

What recipes to make with cocoa butter ?

With cocoa butter, you can make lots of different recipes... Do we share our favourites?

The special deodorant for fragile skin : made with cocoa butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, corn starch and a new ingredientmagnesium hydroxide. Our solid deodorant recipe is the ally of fragile skin. The homemade deodorant recipe  permet de limiter la sensation d'humidité, d'éliminer les bactéries responsables des mauvaises odeurs, d'apporter douceur et d'assouplir votre peau. Le tout accompagné d'une subtile senteur de cocoa butter ! Vous pouvez retrouver la recette juste .

Le baume à lèvres : composé de seulement trois ingrédients étant le beurre de cacao, la cire d'abeille et l'huile d'amande douce, ce baume va protéger, entretenir, et assouplir les lèvres. Il est particulièrement conseillé de l'utiliser lorsque vous avez les lèvres sèches, gercées ou bien tout simplement que vous souhaitez apporter un confort supplémentaire à vos lèvres. Si vous voulez découvrir cette recette, c'est here.

The massage fondant : its composition is identical to homemade lip balm. This massage fondant with the sweet fragrance of cocoa butter melts on contact with your body for soft skin and a relaxed body. It is ideal to use for a self-massage or during a duo moment. Give it the shape you want thanks to different molds. Our favourite? The heart-shaped one! The recipe is to be found .

fragile skin solid deodorant
BeautyMix cocoa butter box

And box very cocoa!

On the occasion of Easter 2022 and to highlight this super ingredient that is cocoa butter, we have created a box to make ALL the recipes mentioned above!

It includes all the ingredients to make yourself the fragile skin deodorant, the lip balm and the massage fondant as well as all the accessories necessary for the successful realization of these recipes.

So go for it discover it!

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