The hair... and the sun!

Exposure to the sun is not necessarily bad for your hair, on the contrary. In small doses, it allows to obtain beautiful natural reflections and the synthesis of vitamin D.

On the other hand, at high doses, it is advisable to use appropriate care since the hair is found to be highly stressed.

UV radiation will alter the scale of the hair and induce a loss of keratin (constituting 95% of the hair, it protects and waterproofs it). They can also induce desquamation, that is to say that the superficial layers of the epidermis will be eliminated in the form of small unsightly dead skin and therefore, generate dandruff.

All these small "attacks" will weaken the hair, make it thinner and more likely to fall. So yes, you say to yourself: let's take a quick dip to protect it from the rays, and no ... Chlorine and salt are unfortunately not your allies.

Sea water, rich in iodine and salt, will retain water and therefore prevent the natural hydration of your hair. In addition, the salt crystals will lift the scales of the hair making it even more fragile. Beware of dry hair! On the other hand, in small doses, salt can regulate the production of sebum, therefore a fair balance.

The chlorine, present in the swimming pool, has the function of fighting against bacteria and fungi present in the pools. It is therefore very aggressive for your scalp. This is why in summer, your hair will need specific care in order to take care of it and avoid the hair drama!

How to avoid the hair drama?

  •           Before sun exposure, we advise you to use a sun oil that will envelop your hair and prevent UV aggression.

  •           A good rinse after swimming is also essential! There is no shower on the beach or at the pool? Slip a small bottle of water into your favorite bag: you're done !

  • Do not hesitate to use a hair oil during the day (since the hydration of the hair mainly involves fatty substances which will compensate for the lack of sebum for so-called dry hair and therefore counter the drying effects of the sun and chlorine / salt). An oil can be applied to dry hair, but also oily hair since some will regulate sebum production.

  •         When shampooing, use a shampoo gentle moisturizer to soothe your hair.

  • Do not hesitate to also make moisturizing masks.

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Our personalized care for your hair!

Our recipes shampoo and conditioner will be ideal after using your hair with the sun! Indeed, they will allow a gentle cleaning, without drying the hair and will allow to disentangle them without having to force too much with the brush.

We also advise you to apply your hair oil  in the morning and / or in the evening but also whenever it seems necessary to you. Indeed, it can be used as a “dry” oil, to be applied in small quantities over all the lengths to the ends.

At BeautyMix, we offer you a container in pump bottle allowing you to apply the right amount.

The little extra : both vegetal oils  (hazelnut and jojoba oil) used in the recipe perfume your hair and envelop it in a delicious scent.

Hazelnut oil, is a very penetrating oil to hydrate and nourish the hair without weighing it down. It is therefore essential for dry and brittle hair . It also helps regulate sebum production and can therefore be used for oily hair.

Jojoba oil, is also interesting since it allows to rebalance oily hair, to restore vitality to dry and brittle hair and improve shine and suppleness of the hair.

In addition, our gel de lin will be ideal for bringing shine and softness to your hair!

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