Take care of yourself after sun exposure!

Legs in the air, tanned complexion, stock of vitamin D... And yes, our "perfect tan" mission is soon coming to an end. But don't worry! This long-term work will be able to continue! Finally, provided you have good reflexes.

You don't know them yet? This article is made for you !

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Our advice for an optimized tan and soothed skin

Exposure to the sun, despite the psychological benefits it provides us through the production ofendorphins remains an "aggression" for the skin. It is therefore essential to (even more) take care of it after the summer.

Here are some recommended actions:

  • Your skin will become dehydrated and uncomfortable after sun exposure. Remember to moisturize your skin with a hydratant soap or a moisturizer according to your preference in terms of texture.

  • Your body wash is also important here. Do not hesitate to use gel showers with moisturizing active ingredients (glycerine, hyaluronic acid, etc.). It is important to always favor gentle products, allowing the skin to be nourished without attacking it,

  • In the evening, do not hesitate to apply a thick layer of cream: your skin will absorb what it needs,

  • And scrubmild weekly will allow your skin to regenerate better and will therefore be very beneficial for it. There is no point in overemphasizing areas thinking it will work best; this may produce the opposite effect,

  • As during exposure to the sun, internal hydration is essential! Do not hesitate to drink plenty of water or even make yourself juice rich in antioxidants.

  • The after sun is also essential after any exposure. In addition to its "tan extension" effect, it can have very different virtues: moisturizing base, "refreshing" effect, repairing, anti-aging but can also provide an even more luminous tan. Do not hesitate to apply it several times a day, your skin will thank you.

  • Beware of the aging effect of the skin due to the sun : post-exposure, it is advisable to use anti-aging care in order to limit solar elastosis.

At BeautyMix: an adapted homemade treatment!

We recommend using our scrub made of apricot kernel powder which will have a slightly gelled texture, instantly refreshing the skin and which will be soft so as not to attack it.

After exfoliation, do not hesitate to apply our after sun milk, containing oily carrot macerate, allowing you to prolong your tan. A face cream with this macerate is also recommended to maintain this tanned complexion.

Finally, the gel of linen, can be applied to the skin and hair to maintain good hydration.

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