Helena Rubinstein – la naissance du Marketing de la cosmétique

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Welcome to this new section of our blog, where we take you on board to decipher together the language of the cosmetics industry. Ready for some surprises?

We are not going to teach you anything: the beauty business is largely about creating (and selling) dreams ... A desire to satisfy, a little color, a star to carry the message, and a lot of powder in the eyes !

With the BeautyMix team, we wanted to dig into all this, and go and unravel the true from the false, the effectiveness of marketing blah, the beauty of the doubtful, the true of botox! All this to better identify what is really good for us!

So follow us for a few episodes, a few stories that you may find cheeky - but in any case that will not leave you indifferent ...

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And our first candidate is ...


The cream Valaze - where how Helena Rubinstein launched the concept of marketing in the cosmetics industry


Helena Rubinstein was a little bit of a woman (1m52!) Damn determined, and with a real sense of business. At 24, she left Poland and her parents when they tried to marry her with a man she had not chosen ... Hat Helena! Imagine her, in 1896 (yes, the era of long dresses and steamboats!), Who decided to cross the world to settle in Australia, despite her poor knowledge of English, her fear of horses, and his disenchantment with the sun !!

    Odoo CMS - a big picture
    Photo by Josh Withers

    Arriving in Australia, she realizes that her milky skin from Eastern Europeans is the envy of others ... She quickly smells the vein, and then launches into the sale of a care cream of her own. But all her genius is shown in the way she sells it: she claims that her cream is imported from Europe, and was designed by a certain Dr Lykusky (whose traces have never been found, you can imagine!). She lists exotic ingredients for her captivated clients, and sets a luxurious price for her product. As the cream cost 10 pence to manufacture, his accountant suggested that he sell the jar for a shilling.

    " Are you crazy?" she would have replied , women will not buy such a cheap cream! When you want to improve your appearance, you want to feel like you're being treated like someone special… We're going to sell her for seven shillings and seven pence a pot! "

    Just before his death, we found in his archives the recipe for his miracle cream: "mineral oil, vegetable oil, lanolin". Lanolin is that fat from sheep's wool that is found all over Australia, and that it had scented to mask the smell!

    So… cheeky, avant-garde or charlatan? Your turn to judge !

    What do we remember about BeautyMix? Lanolin, thanks to its composition similar to human sebum, has very beautiful healing and soothing properties ... Young mothers may have appreciated its benefits for treating cracks caused by breastfeeding. For all, it constitutes a very good repairing and anti-aging treatment. It is found a lot in Australia. For our vegan friends, it is possible to recreate a vegetable version of lanolin with castor oil and vegetable wax, we will tell you more!


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    La team BeautyMix

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