Cellulite ? Let's talk about it without taboos!

Does that word make you cringe? You complex because of this famous "orange peel"? Know that you are not alone: nine out of ten women are affected by this phenomenon against only one in fifty men. So yes, whether you are rather thin, round, tall, small, this cellulite spares no one! Let's talk about it together and without taboos!

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What is cellulite?

Otherwise called "orange peel" or "dimpling", cellulite is a lipodystrophie. That is to say a disorganization of the superficial fat mass resulting from an increase in the volume of the fat cells called the adipocytes. These are located at the level of thehypoderme. As a reminder, adipocytes allow the storage of fat in the body.

By repercussion, if the number of adipocytes increases, the compartment of the hypodermis will swell and generate swelling of the dermis and the epidermis giving this bumpy impression. Thus, the "normal" circulation of liquids, in particular the lymph whose role is the transport of toxins to the purifying organs, is blocked and leads to an accumulation of these toxins causing inflammation.

There are three different types of cellulite with different origins.

Fat cellulite

It is often soft, painless and localized to a specific part of the body. It is associated with an increase in the number of adipocytes. Its main cause is lack of sports activity and poor diet.

Fibrous cellulite

It is an encrusted cellulite, present for a long time and which is, therefore, painful and difficult to dislodge.

It is mainly found in people who are sedentary and / or have an unbalanced and deficient diet.

Aqueous cellulite (or infiltration)

It is a flexible and diffuse cellulite, hardly visible. This cellulite is linked to poor venous return and lymphatic insufficiency. This means that the lymph cannot drag excess fluid into the tissues and cannot clean up the waste. The saturation of water and toxins deforms the skin causing "dimpling".

Its causes are therefore circulatory problems but also an overly sedentary lifestyle.

How to fight against cellulite?

Cellulite is considered normal and will have no health consequences. However, it can be the cause of complexes for many women.

  • The first piece of advice that we cannot repeat enough is to eat a balanced diet ! A diet rich in fiber / antioxidants and lower in lipids and carbohydrates is the best way to permanently get rid of cellulite.

  • In combination, regular physical activity such as endurance sports (walking, running, cycling ...) is recommended since it will encourage you to draw on your fat reserves. In addition, the practice of an aquatic sport such as aquabiking or swimming is also recommended since it will boost circulation.

  • Finally, the lymphatic drainage also called palpating rolling, will revitalize the blood circulation thus fighting against this phenomenon.

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