A 100% eco-responsible bathroom!

We have been buying our hygiene and care products and equipment for years in supermarkets ... And out of habit or a lack of information, we rarely go for more eco-responsible alternatives.

Today, it is essential to educate yourself and to turn to less polluting materials but just as effective, sometimes even of much better quality. 

So are you ready to get rid of your cottons, plastic toothbrushes, cotton swabs and other products? In this article, we give you some alternatives for a 100% ecological bathroom!

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Reusable or biodegradable cotton swabs

Did you know that since January 1, 2020, France has decided toto prohibit definitely cotton swabs?

Indeed, the plastic sticks constituting the body of this product are in second place of the most important pollutants of the aquatic environments. Regularly thrown into the toilet bowl, the cotton swabs make their way to the beaches and seabed. They are also very dangerous for all wildlife. If an animal accidentally swallows it, it can instantly cause intestinal obstruction in them and perforate their organs.

For the human being, it is also a very bad instrument for the eardrums for when it is badly handled and used.

Our solution : opt for biodegradable or disposable cotton swabs in cardboard or bamboo. THE'oriculi for example, made of bamboo, is a nice alternative.
You can also purchase reusable cotton swabs in silicone. We can now find them in specialty stores and online . The sites communicate on the advice of use and conservation of these small products which can make a difference! 

Washable cottons

Used in the morning as in the evening, classic cleansing cottons are particularly polluting . On average, we use up to six cottons per day, representing close to 2,100 cottons per year. The fact is that cotton cultivation is one of the most polluting in the world. It also consumes a lot of water. The site "Plantoscope"reports that" cotton cultivation consumes 24% of the pesticides produced worldwide, some of which are classified by the WHO as highly hazardous. "Cotton bleaching also requires the use of two chemicals : chlorine and / or the chemical brighteners.

Our solution : switch to washable make-up removing wipes. These are made from bamboo or organic cottons . In the form of discs or wipes, we can use them several times and then put them in the machine in order to reuse them endlessly!

We offer them on our Online Store. Ours are handmade, by a designer in France and in addition to being ecological, the patterns are pretty.

You can use them with your homemade cosmetic recipes such as two-phase makeup remover, the'micellar water...

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T he bamboo toothbrushes

The plastic toothbrush is a very polluting accessory. Indeed, it is made up of different types of plastics, non-recyclable, thus making more than 4.7 billion of waste stored in landfills, on our beaches and in our seas and oceans ...

Depending on the type of plastic, degradation can be 100 to 1000 years! We should also mention electronic toothbrushes which generate electronic waste, which is all the more difficult to recycle ...

Our solution : brushes bamboo teeth Moso or siwak wood are the most suitable. Indeed, bamboo is a so-called organic material. Therefore, it is biodegradable ! Also be sure to favor the nylon brush bristles.

You can use your eco-friendly toothbrush with your recipe for toothpaste home made.


These three alternatives are a small part of the greener substitutes that we can find ... Do you know and do you use others? Tell us in the comments :) 

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